Friday Playlist – Recommendations for Each Other

Friday Playlist - Recommendations for Each Other

This week, we chose a different type of theme, I assigned each of the writers one of the other writers, and asked them to pick two songs to suggest to the person they had been assigned. These are the answers they gave, and of course, we want you all to check out these awesome songs too!

Jenna has Lizzie:

Battle The Tide – Alexander France
Sick With The Same Thing – Dear Love

Amanda has Rem

Sometimes I Forget – Every Other Day
Move Together – Shaun LeBlanc

Jordyn has Jessica

When In London – I’ve Got Gloria
Nothing Goes My Way – Marty Zylstra

Emily has Jordyn

Right for Me – Brighter Brighest
Crazy – Bigger Brighter Lights

Jeannette has Tara

Dreaming Out Loud – Final State
The Last Song – SayWeCanFly

Jessica has Jenna

Sinners on St. Laurent – The Rising Few
Calling You – Jonathan Estabrooks

Lizzie has Jeannette

Hiding Place – Hedley
Times Up – Take Me To The Pilot

Tara has Emily

John Cusack – DCF
Someone Else’s Hands – DreamFace

Rem has Amanda

Bridges – Courage My Love
By Your Side – Faber Drive

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