Review – Diamond Mind

By :Lizzie Sharpe

Album – Fake Tape EP
Music Link –
Release Date – February 8th, 2014
Genre – Indie Pop
Label – Independent

Diamond Mind is a Indie Pop band from Edmonton, Alberta. They’ve created the band in 2013 with four members from different retired bands. They have been touring and doing showcase festivals. Diamond Minds have brought many different sounds in their EP that mixes well together to bring out songs that sounds completely different than the regular songs you would normally hear.

Diamond Minds ‘Fake Tape’ EP is fairly different than any other EP I have listened to or reviewed. The song I really like on the EP is ‘Dragon Egg’. The song is very interesting and the songs sound is very original. I have listened to it many times and really like it. The EP isnt something that some music lovers would take to but for those who are open to different types of music I would recommend it to them. I’m looking forward to following Diamond Minds as they grow as a band.

Rating 3/5

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