Review – Real Ponchos

Review - Real Ponchos

By: Jessica Lewis

Album: Since I Let You Go
iTunes Link:
Release Date: May 6, 2014
Genre: Country
Label: Independent

Real Ponchos are a roots/rock/country band from Vancouver and consist of members Ben Arsenault, Emilie Scott, Michael Wagler and Emlyn Scherk. “Since I Let You Go” is their debut full length album and is being released independently. The band is going on a cross country tour of Canada, going from coast to coast, during the months of May and July.

“Since I Let You Go” is a follow-up to their EP, which was just a taste of what they are capable of. The album is a full length look at what Real Ponchos sounds like live, delivering harmonies and melodies that are uniquely them and that can be recreated as a complete duplicate of the recorded version on stage. Since the album was recorded off the floor, this album proves that they can sing live – a talent that many of today’s big stars are forgetting to be an important asset.

The album has an obvious country tone to it, though not the ‘I lost my tractor’ type of country. Songs on this album can be head-bangers and others soulful listenings. The music is almost a reinvention of country in a tasteful way.

Because the sound is not traditional country, alt-country lovers and country fans will enjoy the sound. In fact, anyone with a love of musical genius will likely add Since I Let You Go to their shelves. The album has a sound unique to the band that will not be found by any other group.

Rating: 3.5/5

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