Music Monday – Quiet Parade

By: Jenna Melanson

Halifax quintet, Quiet Parade features Trevor Murphy (Lead Vocals/ Guitar), Josh Pothier (Drums), Julia Weir (Piano), Jay Methot (Electric Guitar), Anthony Phillips (Bass).

Quiet Parade was originally started as a solo project by Trevor, but since then has flourished into a full band, with a great collection of songs, including this one, which is a song that if you are from this area of the country, it will really hit home with you. “Edge of The Ocean” features four of out five members of Quiet Parade along with Cory LeBlanc, Matt Amirault & Marc Durkee from Rain Over St. Ambrose.

If you like what you are hearing in this video, then be sure to check out Quiet Parade’s bandcamp and purchase their 5-track album, “Old Haunts”:

Keep an eye out on Canadian Beats for more on Quiet Parade in the future, but in the meantime, feel free to connect with the band on their social networking pages:

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