CBC Searchlight Round Two

CBC Searchlight Round Two

By: Tara Thompson

I told you my round one picks and here is the list of which of those picks made it into round two!

London Above
The Elusive Kings
Andy Brown
Sweet Talking Liars
The Brilliancy
Friends Of Foes
Josh Sahunta
Scary Bear Soundtrack
Kyle MacDougall
3 Across Dee Eye
Bryce N.D Young
Kate Weekes

As you can see, a lot of the country agreed with me and got my picks through. Unfortunately since this round was so much shorter then the last one, I didn’t get to go through and make any new picks. So I hope you still support the bands I picked in round one and I hope that you got a chance to browse through and find some more artists.

We will be doing a Friday playlist for Searchlight competitors once the competition gets cut down a little more. Stay tuned for that.

This round of voting ends April 13th where the competition will be cut down even more.

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