EDM Wednesdays – Review – Ryan Hemsworth

EDM Wednesdays - Review - Ryan Hemsworth

By: Emily Thomson

For this week’s EDM Wednesday, we decided to do a review, instead of an interview. So read below to find out what I thought of Ryan Hemsworth’s album, “Still Awake”.

Title: Still Awake
Link: http://ryanhemsworth.bandcamp.com
Release date: May 23 ,2013
Genre: Electronic

Ryan Hemsworth is a DJ and producer originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia. Ryan isn’t your typical EDM DJ, he adds a bit of hip hop feel to his songs. Ryan recently took home a Juno award for best electronic album.

Earlier this year I really took a liking to EDM music. Before I enjoyed a lot of hip hop as well as some other genres. I really think this album would the perfect album to transition from hip hop to EDM. I love both genres and this album captures parts of both.

From listening to this album I can definitely tell there’s a hip hop feel in some songs. The songs start of slightly mellow but as you get into the bass drops it moves into a faster pace EDM feel. Specifically with the song ‘Perfectly’ I can see a crowd starting off head bobbing then starting to rage when the base drops.

I really enjoy this album, my favorite track would have to be ‘Empty Thoughts Over a Shallow Ocean’. I really like that it’s an EDM track with a slight hip hop feel.

After listening to this album I really want to see Ryan Hemsworth live. I think it would be a pretty insane show to be at.


Connect with Ryan:
Website: http://ryanhemsworth.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ryanhemsworth
Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/ryanhemsworth

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