Review – Glory Glory

By: Jenna Melanson

EP – So Long
Release Date – April 8, 2014
Genre – Indie Rock
Label – Independant

Halifax based band, Glory Glory is an indie rock band that features the talents of Adam Warren, Ryan Brown and Gavin C Maclean. The band will be releasing their latest EP, “So Long” on April 8, 2014, but I was lucky enough to score a pre-release copy, so in turn, you are lucky enough to get the chance to read all about this excellent upcoming EP.

The EP begins with “Take My Time”, which features a unique beat that keeps you intrigued throughout the whole song. The lyrics are very mellow and calming, which is something that not all bands can pull off, but Glory Glory does it well.

The second song on the EP is their single, “Indigo Son”. You can see the lyric video for this song here: I can see why the band chose this song as their single, it’s quite easy to sing along with, and keeps your attention and has the ability to almost mesmerize you.

The final song “Everybody Lies” would have to be my favourite, it is more upbeat than the other two, but still continues with the same captivating vocals that pull you in to begin with. The lyrics to this song are relatable, with the chorus that states, “Everybody lies, open up your eyes, everybody lies, sometimes, but open up your eyes.” I found myself singing along with this song after the first listen, which isn’t a common occurrence.
All in all, “So Long” features a great collection of tracks that will quickly catch your attention and have you singing along with the band.

Rating: 4/5

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