A Collection of Hedley “Wild Live Tour” Reviews

As you probably know, all of the writers at Canadian Beats are Hedley fans, and 6 out of 8 of us were able to see the Wild Live Tour on one of the previous stops. We thought it would be fun to do a post with all of our reviews, we hope you enjoy!

The first review is from Jordyn Meade-Baxter who saw the show on March 10 in Fredericton, NB


Alyssa Reid opened first. She was great to warm up the crowd. Alyssa’s friend Derik Baker, more known as Virginia to Vegas, played his song “We Are Stars” with Alyssa. That got everyone really going. After that, she played her songs “Satisfaction Guaranteed” and “Alone Again” that made the whole arena get wild.

Next up was JRDN. He definitely made us maritimers proud and kicked the show up to another level. He played a lot of his well known hits like “U Can Have It All” and “I Can’t Choose”. Overall, he did a great job.

Danny Fernandes’ set was amazing. He was filled up with energy and was constantly all over the stage. He played a bunch of his hit songs and definitely brought the energy level up. My favourite moment of his set was his finishing song, “Hit Me Up” which featured Josh Ramsay’s (of Marianas Trench) vocals.

After these openers I was definitely ready for the headlining band, Hedley! This was my first time seeing them live and trust me; I was not disappointed in the least. I was right up close to the stage and got to see the magic first hand. They rocked the stage from open to close, with a tease before they returned for an encore. Jake kept saying that he loved coming to the Maritimes and Fredericton, and I hope he liked it enough to come back again. They melted me from the inside out with their slower songs and got me pumped up with the fast ones. Hedley played songs that were new and old and I really like that
they didn’t forget the music that got them there in the first place. I really enjoyed how they played Old School, because the Aitken Center is where I graduated last summer and it brought back some great memories. I don’t exactly know what I would call my favourite part of the show, other than every single moment. Thank you to Hedley for putting on an amazing show and bringing some other great artists along with you. Don’t be a stranger and come back soon.

Next is Tara Thompson, who saw the show on March 13 in St. John’s, NL


I was given the Anything VIP package for Christmas so as you can assume I was super excited for this day to come after waiting so long. We were led to the meet and greet area and told to wait in line until the band was done sound checking (which we could hear from where we were). The band showed up and the line started moving. Finally it was my turn. While it was a short time with the band, I wouldn’t of changed it for the world. We stayed in the venue until it was time to be let to our seats, where I had second row.

None of the openers were really my type of music so I wasn’t too excited over any if them. The highlight was definitely when Alyssa Reid’s keyboardist came up and did a song with her. Finally it was time for Hedley. I ended up being at the barricade right where the stage meets the catwalk. As expected, Hedley put of a killer show and if your near the front by Dave like I was, the chances if you walking away with a guitar pick are pretty high. I’ve been a fan for coming up on 10 years now and without spoiling it for anyone who has yet to see the show, there is a point where anyone who’s been around since then may get emotional. I know I did. To anyone who has yet to see the show, go in expecting to have a good time because you will. I’ve seen them five times now and it just keeps getting better and better.

Emily Thomson saw the show on March 18 in Halifax, NS


I saw Hedley Tuesday March 18th in Halifax with I Can Do Anything VIP. I have to start off by saying they are amazing guys! They were extremely sweet and friendly during the meet and greet. The only word I can use to describe the show was amazing. I’ve been to quite a few Hedley shows and this was by far the best.

Alyssa Reid kicked of the show with an awesome set. I really enjoyed when Virginia to Vegas played ‘We are Stars’ featuring Alyssa.

Danny Fernades had an awesome set too. I really enjoyed that he played a mix of both old and new songs. ‘Come Back Down’ is definitely my favourite song by him so I was really happy when he played it. Danny had some pretty sweet dance moves.

As you may know I’m into a lot of local bands/artists so I was really proud to see JRDN on the tour. Since it was his hometown show his friends and family was there. He dedicated the song ‘Top it All’ to his mom and dad. JRDN also brought out Ghetto 902, Classified and Mike Boyd to perform a song with them. It was a proud moment for me seeing him up on stage.

Last but not least Hedley went on. I was lucky enough to get front row for their performance. This was my 7th time seeing Hedley. This was by far the best show I have seen them put on. Their set was a mix of good songs from each album. After introducing Tommy, Chris and Dave, the Trailer Park Boys came out to introduce Jacob as well as putting him on the SwearNet. I loved there live rendition of ‘Wildlife’. Jacob make the heartfelt speech a little less serious by making up a song about partying and cats before the speech.

The show was amazing! If you didn’t buy tickets and there coming to a city near you on the second half of the tour I highly recommend going.

Next Jenna Melanson saw the show in Halifax, NS as well


Let me begin by saying, this wasn’t my first Hedley concert, and it will not be my last. I saw them for the first time in 2005, loved them then and love them more now. Each tour, they grow more as musicians, and entertainers.

On March 18, I arrived at the Metro Centre to find my seats, and was pleasantly surprised to find them front row by the smaller stage. If you know the stage set up, you know that’s a pretty good place! Unfortunately I missed most of Alyssa Reid’s performance, coming in while she was in the middle of her hit song, “Alone Again”, and she sounded great.

Next up was JRDN, which in case you didn’t know is originally from Halifax, so it was like his homecoming show, and he put everything he has into it. I thoroughly enjoyed his whole set, but the two points that stick out in my mind are when he dedicated “Top It All” to his mom, that performance gave me chills. Then near the end of his set, other local rappers came on stage with him, including Classified, Mike Boyd, and Ghetto902.

Last to come to the stage, before Hedley took it over was Danny Fernendes, who came out sporting an Elmo shirt, which was sure to catch your attention.  A quick fact about his band, they are an Ontario band, called The Little Black Dress, but let’s get back on track. Danny performed his hits “Fantasy”, “Private Dancer” and his new single, “Kryptonite”, but the song that made the arena go nuts was “Hit Me Up” which he nailed.

By now, the crowd was completely pumped up, and ready for Hedley. For the first time ever, I was able to get right by the barricade, front and center on the smaller stage, and it was a dream come true. If you have attended any of these shows, you know that the band plays a selection of songs on the smaller stage, and I was closer than I have ever been.  I was so excited when they finally got onto the smaller stage and seeing them perform “Heaven In Our Headlights”, so close that I could see the sweat on Jacob’s lip. My husband, who unfortunately got “pushed” back from our seats by a flock of girls, said it looked like I was just soaking in everything, and that’s exactly what I was doing, I didn’t want to forget anything.

A few highlights from the show for me, were when the girl next to me caught one of Dave’s picks, but passed it to me, because she had already gotten one. Dave seemed very impressed by her generosity, and so was I.

Another thing that was great to be able to see was during the introductions of the band, the Trailer Park boys ended up on stage to introduce Jacob, which was hilarious. One of my friends, Shayla Obrigewitsch, managed to get a video of this, if you haven’t saw it, go now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qn1-fXXCIDk As you can tell, Jacob was shocked by this, and the fact that she was able to catch it on video is amazing. Jacob and Tommy have shared her YouTube video, which if you are a fan, you know that would be an amazing thing to happen.

The whole show was amazing, and I am not going to go into detail on each song, but they chose the perfect set list, although I would have loved to see “Got Love” performed live. They did play a lot of songs from Wild Life, as well as a great mix of songs from previous albums. Jacob, as usual was all over the stage, jumping on pianos and making everything look effortless and flawless, all the while not missing a single note.

The last major highlight for me, was at the end of the show, as the band was all on the small stage again, going around interacting with the fans, for the first time, I was a part of this, and had the opportunity to get my hand “slapped” by Jacob & Dave, and also have my hand held by Tommy for what seemed like a long time, but I’m sure it wasn’t!

If you ever get a chance to see Hedley live, don’t pass it up. They continuously put on unbelievable shows, and making incredible music.

Amanda Hather saw the show on March 20 in Moncton, NB


On March 20th, BC band Hedley brought their Wild Live Tour to Moncton, New Brunswick. The first part of the tour (up until March 25th) had Alyssa Reid, JRDN, and Danny Fernandes as opening performances. Unfortunately, Alyssa was not feeling 100% and as a result was unable to perform at the Moncton show.

To open the show, JRDN took the stage. He played a set of about 30 minutes and included hit songs such as “Like Magic” “U Can Have It All” and “Can’t Choose”. Going into the concert, I didn’t think that I knew many songs by JRDN; I just thought that I knew the latest couple that had been played a lot on the radio, but I was pleasantly surprised that I knew most of the lyrics to the songs he performed. Before this concert I had never actively listened to his songs, but that has changed. He has a great live performance and he connects with the audience throughout his act. If you have not listened to him before, you definitely should and if you have the opportunity to see him play live, do not pass that up.

The second performer was the one and only Danny Fernandes. I had been a fan of Danny for quite a few years, loving many of his singles.  I hadn’t had a chance to see him live until this concert and I was not disappointed. He was full of energy and knew how to work the stage so that your eyes never left him. He also played many of his hit songs, such as “Private Dancer”, “Fantasy”, and “Hit Me Up”. His set lasted for nearly an hour and there wasn’t a minute of it that I wasn’t hooked on his dancing or singing.

And last but definitely not least was the main act, Hedley. Throughout the entire show they had the audience singing along  and screaming at the top of their lungs. With funny antics on stage, such as Jacob fighting with someone dressed as a grandmother during “Don’t Talk To Strangers”, and his high energy throughout every song, there wasn’t one eye in the Coliseum that wasn’t on the stage. I can’t even begin to think about picking a favourite song from their set. From the minute that the curtain dropped and they started performing, to the emotional speech about how much they’ve done throughout their 9 years as a band and their love for their fans, and of course the absolutely amazing performance of some of their most well-known songs and a majority of songs from ‘Wild Life’, my attention was glued to the band. It was my second time seeing them and actually knowing their music and they lived up to every expectation I had and then some. How they keep up such energy after touring for over a month already and still having a long way to go is beyond me, but you could see it in their faces how much they loved being on that stage and how happy they were to having the thousands in the crowd singing every word with them. If you haven’t seen this show yet and they’re coming near you, you have to go. You can tell how much of themselves they put into the performances and how much love they have for their fans. From older songs such as “Old School” and “Trip”, slower songs such as “Perfect” and “Invincible”, and songs from ‘Wild Life’ such as “Anything”, “Crazy For You”, and “Headphones”, you won’t be disappointed.

The entire experience of this show was amazing. I had purchased the VIP option where you have a meet and greet with the band before the show, and I promise you that they are some of the funniest, nicest, and down to earth guys you will ever meet. It may have been a bit pricey, but I still got every cent worth and the experience of a lifetime with some of my best friends.

Last, but certainly not least Jeannette Thibodeau saw the show on March 20 in Moncton, NB


The Hedley “Wild Live” concert in Moncton was, as always, fantastic. Even if Alyssa Reid couldn’t perform, we got very entertained by JRDN and Danny Fernandes. It was my first time seeing these boys live and my fourth time seeing Hedley.

They started the show with Anything and as soon as they stepped on stage, the crowd was going wild and crazy. The light effects that they had on stage was truly incredible. They continued with old and new songs such as “Don’t talk to strangers, I’ll be with you, One Life and more, before they went to play a few songs, including “Wild Life” and “For The Nights I Can’t Remember” on the second stage, which was in the middle of the venue. I think the second stage was a great idea for the people in back who couldn’t see the main stage so well.

They ended the show with two of my favorite songs : “Sweater Song” and “Never Too Late”. It was the perfect way to end it, even if we wished it would never end! Hedley will never stop impressing me. “Wild Live” was one of the greatest shows that I’ve ever saw.

We hoped you enjoyed our reviews, and as you can tell, we all agree that if you haven’t saw this show on tour, and you still have a chance, you should go buy tickets, right now.

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