Review – I’ve Got Gloria

By: Amanda Hather

EP – Here We Are
Bandcamp Link –
Release Date – February 17th, 2014
Genre – Pop Rock/Pop Punk

Niagara Falls band I’ve Got Gloria have turned their sound from the post hardcore music of their past, into the pop rock/punk sound they have today. Their EP shows off their catchy guitar riffs and vocals’, giving you a taste of what is to come from this band in the future.

My favourite songs off of the EP would have to be “What You Need”, “I Know I Know”, and “When In London”. “What You Need” and “When In London” shows the more upbeat side of the band, whereas “I Know I Know” shows more of an acoustic, slower side to their music.

All in all, I really enjoyed this EP. They are definitely a band you will want to keep your eye on in the future for whatever they do next.

Rating: 4.5/5

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