Friday Playlist – Lyrics we have trouble with

Friday Playlist - Lyrics we have trouble with

Every week, we choose a theme for our Friday Playlist, and this week the theme is songs with lyrics that we tend to forget or have trouble with. They are all great songs, just a little tough for some to sing along with, in our opinions.

Jenna’s Picks:

11 11 – ByStarlight
Four on the floor – The Little Black Dress
I Want It All – Down With Webster

Emily’s Picks:

Johnny Falls – Hedley
I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight – Faber Drive
Old Fans – Alfie

Jordyn’s Picks:

This Ain’t A Party- Anami Vice
Miracle Mile – Down With Webster
Afterskool Special- Fake Shark Real Zombie

Amanda’s Picks:

Super Hard Core – Anami Vice
Follow The Leader – RocketRocketShip
Jet Lag – Simple Plan ft Marie-Mai

Jeannette’s Picks:

Crazy For You – Hedley
Candy Store – Faber Drive
Rockstar – Nickelback

Tara’s Picks:

Fat Lip – Sum41
She Only Likes Me When She’s Drunk – Stereos
Ice – Lights

Jessica’s Picks:

11:11 – ByStarlight
Take Your Shirt Off – Anami Vice
He Said, She Said – Social Code

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