Pre-Release Review – Endless Chaos

By: Jordyn Meade-Baxter

EP: Rejected Atrocity
Free Download:
Release Date: March 24,2014
Genre: Death Thrash/ Heavy Metal
Label: Self Release

Endless Chaos is a death thrash/metal band from Winnipeg, Manitoba. The band consists of Jordan Dorge (vocals), Mike Menza (Rhythm/Lead Guitar), Mike Toews(Lead/Rhythm Guitar), Jeff Humarang (base guitar) and James Burton (drums). They will be releasing their EP called Rejected Atrocity on March 24th.

Rejected Atrocity has three songs: “Rejected Atrocity”, “Sacrificial Ritual”, “Condemned to the Pit”. Each song has a really great background guitar sound. And the vocals are well done. I specifically liked the drum intro in “Condemned to the Pit”. And “Condemned to the Pit” I’d say is also my favourite song on it. It’s got a cool guitar riff in the middle of it and a great lyric I personally like “No sign of remorse/evil takes its course”.

Overall, I think it is a good EP overall and they would be a great addition to any metal fan’s playlists.

Rating: 4/5

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