Pre-Release Review – Kill Matilda

By: Jenna Melanson

EP – #Punk#Zombie#Rocknroll
Release Date – March 4, 2014
EP Stream on Youtube –
Genre – Rock/ Metal

Kill Matilda is a rock/ metal band currently located in Vancouver. The band consists of Marcus Luk (Drums), Mykel Exner (Bass) and Dusty Exner (Vocals/ Guitar).

The band is set to release their new EP, “#Punk#Zombie#Rocknroll” on March 4. I was asked to do a pre-release review of the six song EP. The EP is a re-release that features tracks from their 2011 full-length album, “I Want Revenge”. The EP will be accompanied by a comic book created by vocalist/ guitarist Dusty Exner.

I sat down and had a listen to their EP, and was pleasantly suprised. The band does an amazing job of creating a unique sound. It’s the perfect mix of rock and metal. Anyone who is a fan of either genre, will most likely love it.

The third song on the EP is my favourite, entitled “Zombie Apocalypse”. It’s a very strong track with a lot of energy and for lack of a better word, angst. It’s great to hear such strong vocals from a woman, and I would love to see this song performed live.

“Geisha With a Switchblade” is the last song on the album, it’s an acoustic rendition of a previous release. The vocals are a lot softer, but still full of power and energy. It’s impressive how Dusty can nail each song perfectly, whether it’s the raw metal sound, or the acoustic more controlled vocals.

The EP is packed full of high energy, powerful tracks. I personally find that the band makes you feel like you are at their show, rocking out with them. It’s a mix of songs that gives you chills and makes you feel empowered by just listening. A powerful female lead is a nice addition for this band.

Rating: 4/5

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