Asher Media Relations Offers FREE Valentines Day Compilation

By: Jenna Melanson

Asher Media Relations is a PR company based in Montreal, QC, their mission is to aid rock and metal bands heard and read about. The company has released a FREE Valentines Day compilation entitled “Cupid Metal! Love Hurts! Love Scars! Vol 1” You can get it here, and remember it’s FREE: 

The compilation includes songs from many great metal bands, such as Deathpoint, Kill Matilda, MIRE and more! The track list is as follows:

1. P.S.S. – Happy Valentine’s Day 00:06
2. BornBroken – Anger of The Day 03:34
3. Deathpoint – Sinister 04:04
4. All Else Fails – Anti Martyr 05:49
5. Death Toll Rising – Crack Open A Cold One 05:15
6. FATALITY – Bleed Me Useless 03:49
7. Trainwreck Architect – Dream Pariah 03:31
8. Edge of Attack – Forever 03:46
9. Until Dawn – DNR 05:59
10. Breached – Happy 03:17
11. Psychostick – My Clingy Girlfriend 05:02
12. Kill Matilda – Pomegranate 02:46
13. THE IN’n’OUTS – Scorpion On My Pillow 04:09
14. MIRE – Catalan Atlas 05:05
15. Unbeing – Zomb!

Be sure to check this out, because I’m sure you’ll enjoy it, and also keep an eye out on Canadian Beats for some great features with some of these bands in the near future!

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