Interview – Peter Jackson

By: Jordyn Meade-Baxter

Peter Jackson is a rapper from Ajax, Ontario. He is said to be the “hardest working rapper in Canada”. He has toured with some big names likeAkon, Snoop Dogg and Busta Rhymes. Jackson just released a new album called Good Company.

Your album “Good Company” was recently released. How has the reaction been so far?

PJ: Amazing, exactly what we expected and went for is happening. With the first single being released it’s a huge look.

A single from “Good Company”, called “Havana” has been also released this past December. On this song you worked with Waka Flocka and Bianca. What was the experience like?

PJ: Waka is mad cool, real dude. He kept it 100 with me I feel and it made it allot easier to get what we needed to done. Bianca sweet as hell, she’s very close with the Producer of the song so it made for a easy translation for us to work as a whole.

You will be shooting a video for “Havana” in a few weeks. Can you tell us anything about it?

PJ: We get to leave the cold LOL go to Havana & Miami to shoot. We are blessed to have allot of help in America with this shoot. Beautfuil house, cars, women, everything,

You are also going to be touring with Waka Flocka in Canada and the US in the spring. Is there any spoilers about it?

PJ: 50+ dates straight across North America, its going to be a wild tour.

What made you decide to get into rapping?

PJ: When I lost my good friend Steven, I started to take it serious and really push it as a business. Before that it was just a hobby.

Do you have any tips for people who want to get into it?

PJ: Don’t take advice from people who shouldn’t give it. If they haven’t been through it themselves its hard to believe and take in what they are saying.

What has been your favourite experience so far?

PJ: Recording in Kingston Jamaica with Sizzla Kalonji, & being able to do so many things I wouldn’t have been able to see if it wasn’t for music

As usual, we like to ask fun questions for the fans:

What are some of your Canadian inspirations as an artist?

PJ: The Tree’s, The Nightlife, the laid back way of living. The Women, my family, my culture that we carried over to Canada, I love how in Canada everyone still represents where there family is actually from.

If you could isolate yourself anywhere for the rest of your life where would it be and why?

PJ: In the same place I am right now

Do you have any guilty pleasures?

PJ: Tree’s, Jagger bombs lol, Shoes

What are three things you can’t live without?

PJ: My girl, My mom, my music

Is there anything you’d like to say to your fans?

PJ: thank you for all the support

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