Show Review – Blue Rodeo

Show Review - Blue Rodeo

By: Amanda Hather

Blue Rodeo, a Toronto country rock band, is a band you may have heard of before. They’ve been together since 1984, 9 years older than I am, and were inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame in 2012. They released their 13th studio album, ‘In Our Nature’, in late 2013, and are currently on tour in support of the album.

They stopped in Summerside, Prince Edward Island on January 30th, 2014. Because I was raised on their music and (thought) I knew most of their songs, I decided to go see them. The opening act was actually Jim Cuddy’s son, The Devin Cuddy Band. The Devin Cuddy Band plays a mix of different genres, but mostly blues, or songs that are influenced by the blues. They definitely have undeniable talent and skill when it comes to making music. And paying tribute to their home at The Cameron House in Toronto, they played a cover of “Maggie’s Hardware Store” by Jack Marks. After playing for about 30-45 minutes, they cleared the stage for Blue Rodeo.

Blue Rodeo played two sets with an intermission in between. They played almost an hour worth of songs from their new album, which featured the harmonies that fans know and love and many solos giving each member their moment to shine in front of the audience. My favourite part of this set was the piano heavy song sung mostly by Jim Cuddy, “When The Truth Comes Out”. It’s a beautiful song reminiscent of their older songs. After the intermission, the band came back out with their arsenal of guitars and different drum arrangements and played some of their older songs, including crowd favourites “Diamond Mind”, “Bad Timing”, “5 Days In May”, and “After The Rain”.

Even though this band has been recording and touring for decades, you can tell that they still love the stage and performing for an audience. They are able to do something many bands cannot – they sound the same as their recordings as they do in concert. The only difference you will hear between the two is the crowd cheering and singing along. Jim Cuddy can still move around on stage, playing his guitar to the crowd, clearly having a blast.

After three hours at the concert, myself and the people I was with decided to leave because it was shortly after 11 and we thought that the concert would be over soon anyways. However, I decided to look up the set list that they used a week prior in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and was disappointed to see that the band went on again after their second set and performed a song that they’ve rarely played live in recent years due to the fact that they played it so much in the beginning of their time as a band. They played “Try” and “Lost Together” as a second encore, which I’m sure the crowd loved, and I would have too had I stayed.

All in all, even though they could have played some of their more well-known songs in their second set, they still put on an amazing live show.

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