Get to know Canadian Beats Writer, Jordyn Meade-Baxter



Where Are You From:
Fredericton, NB


2 dogs and 1 guinea pig

Tattoos/ Piercings:
I have 8 piercings: lobes twice on each side, industrial, tragus, cartilage, nose. And I have 3 tattoos; ankle, wrist and thigh.

When did you first start with Canadian Beats?:
September 2013

What are some of your favourite Canadian bands?:
Marianas Trench, Fighting for Ithaca, Fake Shark Real Zombie, Halfway to Hollywood, etc…

How many times have you saw your favourite Canadian band/artist in concert?:
Marianas Trench 3 times, DWW 1, Carly Rae Jepsen 2, Anami & Kevvy 1

Have you met any Canadian Artists?
All of Marianas Trench, Carly, Anami and Kevvy

Favourite Concert moment?
Meeting Kevvy 🙂 <3

What is your favorite Canadian album?:
Right now probably Hedley’s Wild Life

What is your favorite Canadian band/ artist song?:
At the moment Here’s to Us by RocketRocketShip

What is your favorite Canadian band/ artist video?:
Perfume – FSRZ

What is your favorite lyric by a Canadian band?
“Nobody will break you”-MT

What are some of your favourite non-Canadian bands?:
Pierce The Veil, Sleeping with Sirens, Of Mice and Men, All Time Low…etc.

Favourite piece of band merch?
My CD’s. And my MT vinyl

What are your favorite tv shows?:
Switched at Birth, Big Bang Theory and Big Brother

What are your favorite movies?:
Thor, The Parent Trap and Bring It On

What are your favorite books?:
Ellen Hopkins’ books

Favorite food?:

Favorite drink?:
Fruit juice, primarily apple and fruit punch

Favorite season?:

Favorite holiday?:

Favorite color?:

Favorite car?:
Red Mustang convertible or a really nice truck

Twitter or Facebook?:
Tumblr. Oh wait, not an option- Twitter.

Television or movies?:

Chocolate or Peanut Butter?:

Sweet or Salty?:
depends on my mood but usually sweet

Coffee or Tea?:

Inside or Outside?:
Outside in summer, inside in winter

Morning or Night?:

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