Friday Playlist – Go To Karaoke Songs (As picked by Canadian Artists)

Friday Playlist - Go To Karaoke Songs (As picked by Canadian Artists)

As you know, we usually do a Friday Playlist every week, which consists of the 7 Canadian Beats writers choosing songs on a certain theme that has been chosen, this week we decided it would be fun to ask some Canadian bands/ artists instead.

We asked 15 and got some great answers, some answers may surprise you, while others will seem right on point with what you may expect! 🙂

Derek Hoffman (Brighter Brightest):
“Anything by Barenaked Ladies OR Summer of ’69 by Bryan Adams”

Joel Cossette:
“Man I Feel Like a Woman by Shania Twain”

Tyrone MacNeil (RocketRocketShip):
“This Is How It Goes by Billy Talent”

Cat Thomson:
“Nobody’s Supposed To Be Here by Deborah Cox”

Curtis Steeksma (Fighting For Ithaca):
“Wild Life by Hedley”

Jessica Lee:
“Black Velvet by Alannah Miles”

Seamus O’Neil (Faber Drive):
“Summer of ’69 by Bryan Adams”

Starstruck Avenue:
“Run To You by Bryan Adams”

David Fox (The Faceplants):
“The Oaf by Big Wreck”

Scarlett Flynn (Running Red Lights):
“You Oughta Know by Alanis Morissette”

Ryan Guay (Street Pharmacy):
“French Inhale by Thrush Hermit”

Brendan Friel (The Brilliancy):
“Closer To The Heart by Rush”

Nicholas Landry (You and Me In Reverie):
“Shy Guy by Seaway”

Kevvy Mental (Fake Shark Real Zombie):
“House of Balloons by The Weekend”

I bet many of you would love to see at least one of those artists doing karaoke to those songs, how fun would that be?

I also asked Bradley Merryfield from The Brilliancy, he thought it was a great question but answered, “I typically don’t do the karaoke thing because I’m usually giggling! And I don’t have much of a lead voice, lol”. But I think we should convince him to give it a try! 🙂

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