Review – Down With Webster

By: Amanda Hather

Album – Party For Your Life
iTunes Link –
Release Date – January 28th, 2014
Genre – Pop

Toronto band Down With Webster has released their third studio album. With the previous two albums having such successes as “Rich Girl$”, “Your Dope”, and “Big Wheels”, the members of the band had a challenge ahead of them if they wanted to up themselves with the new album. They succeeded.

Before the album itself was released, they released three singles, “One In A Million”, “Party For Your Life”, and “Chills”; all of which were well received by the fans. “One In A Million” was also played heavily on MuchMusic during their 2013 Much VJ Search television series.

I’d have to say that besides the singles that were previously released, my favourite songs would be “Going Nowhere” and “Gravity”. The album has a mix of songs that you can dance up a storm with plus songs that are more laid back but still have a fun sound to them. The deluxe version of the album also has four more songs than the regular version – two remixes of “One In A Million”, plus “Gentlemen Man” and “Heaven”.

Overall the album is definitely worth the wait since the release of ‘Time To Win: Volume II’ in 2011. Whether you are a fan of all of the genres that Down With Webster somehow manage to mix into their songs, there is something for everyone on this album.

Rating: 4.5/5

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