Interview – You and Me In Reverie

By: Jeannette Thibodeau

I had the chance to interview the Bass player from the New-Brunswick band, You and Me in Reverie. We talked about their plans for 2014, what are their musical inspirations and more

For those who don’t know the band, could you tell us a bit more about where you come from, when you started and what kind of music can they expect from You and Me in Reverie?

We are a five piece based out of Saint John NB that formed in the latter part of Spring 2013. The member line up consists of Chris Ryker (Vocals), Kristian Murphy (vocals and guitar), Keith Chevarie(Guitar), Logan Hudson (Drums), and myself on Bass (Nick Landry). We always laugh when asked what style we are because each one of us would probably give you a different answer but I would like to go with Midwest Alt-Rock Emo. Honestly we are just 5 best friends who write sad songs about girls and drink beer haha.

I heard there was a new album coming up in 2014. What can we expect on this album?

Well this will be our first Full Length produced by Adam Dincorn of Undertone studios. Adam produced our past two Ep’s (Dreams are Bled & Despair) so the production will remain as top notch as possible but in terms of content, we are all in a different place then when we started this band. We aren’t 5 strangers who are sad anymore. We are 5 brothers who have had one hell of a good ride over the past 10 months or so. You can still expect that grunge and dark imagery with our usually melancholic air but now we have become more comfortable as band mates, musicians and studio artists. There’s a definite no bullshit policy within our band and we constantly draw inspiration from each other to be better musicians and song writers.

Where can we get your music?

You can find all our material for free download in the following links.

As an upcoming band, how do you deal with trying to make your mark in this industry?

To be honest, we don’t give a shit. We enjoy the music we play and are grateful for every chance we get to play in front of new people. We play music we want to hear and if people like us, that’s a huge bonus. It’s very endearing to know that there’s people out there who support our art and enjoy us, so as long as one person out there gives us a chance, we will be playing our music.

Does the band have any musical inspirations? If so, who are they?

We all have many different influences that definitely adds much diversity to our group. Personally my biggest influence would be my band mates. I honestly believe I am working with some of my favorite song writers of all time. Other than that, I know Ryker draws a lot of his style of spoken word from La Dispute while Kristian has always been a huge fan of Tim Landers from Transit/Misser.

Do you have any other plans for 2014?

Besides the new album we are about to embark on a small east coast tour with our friends in Pipe Dreams. The majority of 2014 will be spent playing shows and concentrating on the full length. We do, however, hope to land another tour in Spring of ’14.

Where does the band’s name come from?

Honestly I am not quite sure, haha, Kristian and Ryker wanted to use the word Reverie which means a dreamlike state and also threw around the name You, me, and entropy. I guess we ended up with a mix of both ideas haha.

Where do you see the band in 10 years?

Honestly broken up cuz we will probably will all have kids and be married by then but it would be sick to still be making music and bringing the mosh 10 years from now.

I know that you played for Courage My Love in December of last year. What was it like playing with them? Do you think it a huge step for the band? Also, have you ever played for any other bands?

Personally I am a huge fan of Courage and have been for many years so I definitely felt like it was a huge honor. I believe it was definitely a positive step for the band and an eye opening experience. We have had the chance(and have dates booked) with great local bands such as the Playdates, Pipe Dreams, etc…but we have actually played with a very diversified group of individuals from Tupper Ware Remix Party to Kuato, to We’re Doomed. A mix that finds itself all over the musical spectrum.

Who write the songs? Is it only one of you or does everyone share the responsibility?

This album will be the first time all 5 of us write the songs together. One of us (Usually Kristian or Keith) comes up with what we call the “skeleton” of a new song then we each add our own personal style and once it is completed you have a piece of everyone’s ideas, emotions and style mixed into one song.

Finally, is there something you would like to tell everyone who’s going to read this interview?

Just to please take a moment to check out our music on facebook or bandcamp and if possible take the chance to come see a live show, if not for us, then to keep this music scene alive and support some other amazing local acts. We would like to thank Jeannette and Canadian Beats who gave us the opportunity to do this interview and Also to thank everyone who reads this for taking the time to hear a little about our band. Stay fresh.

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