Get To Know Canadian Beats Writer, Emily Thomson


Where Are You From:


1 cat

Tattoos/ Piercings:

When did you first start with Canadian Beats?:
not sure

What are some of your favourite Canadian bands?:
Neon Dreams, Kayo, Faber Drive, Down With Webster as well as tons of local artist

How many times have you saw your favourite Canadian band/artist in concert?:
for the most part at least once

Have you met any Canadian Artists?:

Favourite Concert moment?:
I actually have 2! Most people would answer with meeting a famous band but for me I’d have to say meeting Neon Dreams, I met them at a show and we’ve been friends ever since. The second one would have to be meeting Seamus of Faber Drive.

What is your favorite Canadian album?:
S.L.A.V.E. By Kayo, Wildlife by Hedley, Epidemic by Ill Scarlett and Seven Second Surgery by Faber Drive

What is your favorite Canadian band/ artist song?:
Chills by Down with Webster The Reason by Neon Dreams and Dezza, Too Little Too Late by Faber Drive and Everywhere We Go by SonReal

What is your favorite Canadian band/ artist video?:
Lifetime by These Kids Wear Crowns

What is your favorite lyric by a Canadian band?:
‘In this wild world it’s a wild life’

What are some of your favourite non-Canadian bands?:
Fall Out Boy, Blink 182, Panic! at the Disco and We The Kings

Favourite piece of band merch?
Kayo hoodie, it’s by far my most worn piece of merch

What are your favorite tv shows?:
Breaking Bad

What are your favorite movies?:
Remember the Titans and Tron:Legacy

What are your favorite books?:
I’m not much of a reader but Gray by Pete Wentz

Favorite food?:
Caesar Salad

Favorite drink?:
Iced vanilla latte

Favorite season?:

Favorite holiday?:

Favorite color?:

Favorite car?:
Shelby mustang

Twitter or Facebook?:

Television or movies?:

Chocolate or Peanut Butter?:
Peanut Butter

Sweet or Salty?:

Coffee or Tea?:

Inside or Outside?:

Morning or Night?:

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