Friday Playlist – Our Favourites of 2013

Friday Playlist - Our Favourites of 2013

This week, we each chose our 3 favourite songs of 2013, this doesn’t necessarily mean “singles”, just songs that were released in 2013.

Jenna’s Picks

Tinman – Andy Brown
Last Night – The Faceplants
Heaven In Our Headlights – Hedley

Amanda’s Picks

Carry On – Jessica Lee
One In A Million – Down with Webster
Anything – Hedley

Jordyn’s Picks

Headphones – Hedley
Too Little Too Late – Faber Drive ft. Pierre Bouvier
Satisfaction Guaranteed – Alyssa Reid

Emily’s Picks

Chills – Down with Webster
Wildlife – Hedley
We Can Do Better – Quake Matthews

Jeannette’s Picks

Party For Your Life – Down With Webster
Anything – Hedley
Let Me Go – Avril Lavigne

Tara’s Picks

Here’s To Us – RocketRocketShip
North America – The Motorleague
How Come You Don’t Want Me – Tegan and Sara

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