Music Monday – Kendall Patrick

By: Jenna Melanson

Kendall Patrick is a alternative folk singer/ songwriter from Ladysmith, BC. She believes that art should serve a purpose greater than the influence of the artist who creates it.

Kendall has been doing public speaking with “Operation Empowerment” by going into school assemblies and using spoken word and music to talk about her experiences growing up and how she fell into the conventions that society had dictated for her. Both in this, and in her music, she tries to spread information by her point of view.

Patrick has releases three albums under her own name, but is now creating music with “The Headless Betty’s” and it is somewhat different than what you heard on “House of Ink”, “See It Coming” and “The Other Side”.

Keep an eye out for more from Kendall Patrick on Canadian Beats, as we are in the process of conducting an email interview with this talented singer/ songwriter.

Kendall Patrick on Social Media:

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