Show Reviews – Courage My Love

Review #1 By Jeannette Thibodeau

On Tuesday December 3rd, Courage my love hit Moncton’s bar, The Caveau, on their Becoming tour. It was their first time performing in Moncton.

For the first part of the show, we had the chance to hear songs from a New­ Brunswick band, You and Me in reverie. It was my first time hearing them and they were really great.
If you ever get the chance to see them live.

ImageSee their facebook page here: Check out their music here:

Courage My Love came on stage at around 11pm, starting the show with one of my favourite songs from them, “Skin and Bone”. The crowd got up to dance and sing with them to songs such as “Bridges”, “You Don’t Know How”, “Cold Blooded” and “Barricades”.


Even if there were only 15 people there, including the other band, the show was amazing. It was very intimate and we all had the chance to meet them after the show.

Review #2 By: Emily Thomson

I saw Courage My Love on December 4th at the Pavilion  in Halifax. The openers were local bands Highfield and Caught in the Act as well as New Glasgow based band, Bigger Brighter Lights. Although the opening bands were all different genres from each other they all put on good shows.
Courage My Love headlined the show with an hour set and a 2 song encore.  I have to start off by saying I forgot how good Courage My Love are.  Phoenix and Mercedes are crazy good singers! They played some older and some newer songs including ‘Bridges’, ‘Anchors Make Good Shoes’ and ‘You Don’t Know How’. My personal favorite song they performed live was ‘Skin and Bone’. All three of them have really good voices and this show really showcased that.
This wasn’t my first time seeing Courage My Love live, I really recommend you go see them if you have the chance.

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