Friday Playlist – Our Most Played Songs

Friday Playlist - Our Most Played Songs

As you know, every Friday the team at Canadian Beats gets together and comes up with a theme for our Friday Playlist, and then we each pick 3 choices on that theme. This week we chose “Our Most Played Songs”. These are the songs that we listen to often, and sometimes for days on end, on repeat. So they must be great songs, right? 🙂

Yanna’s Picks:

You & Me – Chase Your Words
Somebody to Someone – Halfway to Hollywood
Parade Rain – Hedley

Emily’s Picks:

Alibis – Marianas Trench
Too Little Too Late – Faber Drive ft. Pierre Bouvier
Singing For You – Hello Click

Jenna’s Picks:

Shelter – Hedley
Tinman – Andy Brown
This Town – Little Black Dress

Jeanette’s Picks:

By Now – Marianas Trench
Desperate Measures – Marianas Trench
Haven’t Had Enough – Marianas Trench

Amanda’s Picks:

Acadia – Marianas Trench
Ever After – Marianas Trench
Beside You – Marianas Trench

Jordyn’s Picks:

Beside You – Marianas Trench
Here’s to the times- ByStarlight
Headphones – Hedley

Tara’s Picks:

Hazel Eyes – Matt Dines
Here’s To Us – Rocketrocketship
Samson – Make Mean Everything

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