Jingle Jam Tour 2013 w/ RocketRocketShip, Neverest and Shawn Desman

By: Tara Thompson

Closing out a three day run in Newfoundland, RocketRocketShip, Neverest and Shawn Desman played last night in St. John’s.

First up were local favorites, RocketRocketShip. Coming straight off a MusicNL win for Pop/Rock Artist of the Year, the band is gearing up to release a new album and took their new songs for a test run.



As they started their latest single, Here’s To Us, 100 rocket ships were raised into the air and the looks on their faces were priceless.


Next up was Neverest. This was their first time in the province and they really seemed to enjoy it. They played older songs like About Us and closed their set with their new single, Rewind. As someone who went to this show not knowing their music, I came out pretty impressed by them. They put off a great show and stuck around to meet everyone during their signing.


Closing the show was Shawn Desman. The girls in the crowd (which, lets be honest, was basically the entire crowd) went wild. Shawn interacted really well with the crowd, touching peoples hands and what not. He’s not my type of music but I can’t deny a good performance.

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