Friday Playlist – Soundtrack To Your Life

Friday Playlist - Soundtrack To Your Life

We chose “Soundtrack To Your Life” for our theme this week, the meaning of this could differ for each person, but we chose songs that have helped us through something, shaped us, or been a part of a big moment in our life, whether good or bad.

Jenna’s Picks

One Life – Hedley
Tinman – Andy Brown
Shelter – Hedley

Tara’s Picks

Right for me – Brighter Brightest
Headphones – Hedley
Here’s to us – RocketRocketShip

Amanda’s Picks

Lover Dearest – Marianas Trench
Beside You – Marianas Trench
Headphones – Hedley

Yanna’s Picks

Alibis – Marianas Trench
Savior – Lights
Somebody to Someone – Halfway to Hollywood

Jordyn’s Picks

Headphones – Hedley
Beside You – Marianas Trench
Get Weird – Fake Shark Real Zombie

Jeanette’s Picks

Welcome to my life – Simple Plan
Wild Life – Hedley
Alibis – Marianas Trench

Emily’s Picks

Wildlife – Hedley
Halifornia – Neon Dreams
Stay the Same – Fighting For Ithaca

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