Friday Playlist – Cover Songs

Friday Playlist - Cover Songs

This week, we thought it would be fun to tell you our favourite cover songs. We chose Canadian bands that did covers of songs. The songs do not originally have to be done by Canadian artists though. This was a fun week! if you haven’t heard these amazing bands covering these songs, you should check them all out!

Jenna’s Picks

I Just Died In Your Arms – Faber Drive (Original by Cutting Garden Grove – Street Pharmacy (Original by Sublime)
Wrecking Ball – Cassica *Cat Thomson & Jessica Lee* (Original by Miley Cyrus)

Yanna’s Picks

Jasey Rae – Chase Your Words (Original by All Time Low)
Dance Forever – Halfway To Hollywood (Original by Allstar Weekend)
Cross My Heart – Fighting For Ithaca (Original by Marianas Trench)

Amanda’s Picks

Just What I Needed – Faber Drive (Original by The Cars)
So It Goes – Marianas Trench (Original by Billy Joel)
True Colours – Artists Against (Original by Cyndi Lauper)

Jordyn’s Picks

So It Goes – Marianas Trench (Original by Billy Joel)
True Love – Halfway to Hollywood (Original by Pink ft. Lily Allen)
King of Pain – Matt Webb (Original by The Police)

Emily’s Picks

Save Rock and Roll – GreenTree (Original by Fall Out Boy)
Mannequin – Laura Roy (Original by Katy Perry)
So It Goes – Marianas Trench (Original by Billy Joel)

Jeanette’s Picks

Baby Please Come Home – Josh Ramsay (Original by Darlene Love)
How You Remind Me – Avril Lavigne (Original by Nickelback)
So It Goes – Marianas Trench (Original by Billy Joel)

Tara’s Picks

Helena Beat – Andrew Hyatt (Original by Foster The People)
We Are Never Getting Back Together – We Were Sharks (Original by Taylor Swift)
What I Know – Aivia (original by Parachute)

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