Review – Dean Brody

By: Amanda Hather

Album – Crop Circles
iTunes Link –
Release Date – November 5, 2013
Genre – Country
Label – Open Road Recordings

‘Crop Circles’ is the fourth studio album from the BC country artist, Dean Brody. The album features 12 songs, including the top ten hit, “Bounty” which features Lindi Ortega.

Track listing:

1) Four Wheel Drive
2) Bounty
3) Sand In My Soul
4) Crop Circles
5) Mountain Man
6) Another Man’s Gold
7) Back to the Front Porch
8) Marianne
9) The Little Things About Us
10) My Last Broken Heart
11) The Old Sand Bar
12) Kansas Cried

The album has some fast paced songs, such as “Four Wheel Drive”, “Crop Circles”, and “Mountain Man” versus some slower songs such as “The Little Things About Us” and “Kansas Cried”. The songs balance each other out and allow the album to have a nice flow throughout.

Personally, my favourite song would either be “Marianne” or “Kansas Cried”, simply because you can tell how heartfelt the lyrics are and how they can easily mean a lot to someone. The album altogether is terrific. Even if you aren’t the biggest fan of country music, you would be able to find something that you like. I think that ‘Crop Circles’ will be one of Brody’s best albums.

Rate: 4.5/5

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