Friday Playlist – Nostalgic Songs

Friday Playlist - Nostalgic Songs

Every week the team at Canadian Beats pick a theme to do a Friday Playlist with. This week was a fun one, we chose songs that as nostalgic to us.

Amanda’s Picks

Miss You Like Crazy – The Moffats
Don’t Be Stupid – Shania Twain
I’m Like A Bird – Nelly Furtado

Jordyn’s Picks

Masterpiece Theatre 1- Marianas Trench
Sk8r Boi- Avril Lavigne
I’m just a kid- Simple Plan

Jenna’s Picks

Hollywood – Nickelback
Shelter – Hedley
Gravity – soulDecision

Emily’s Picks

The Greatest of Hiding Places Will Leave You – Something You Whisper
Too Little Too Late – Faber Drive
We Can Do Better – Quake Matthews

Jeanette’s Picks

Gone Too Soon – Simple Plan
Far Away – Nickelback
Acadia – Marianas Trench

Tara’s Picks

In Too Deep – Sum 41
Misery – The Moffatts
California – Wave

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