Anami Vice releases new video

By: Amanda Hather

The day has finally arrived where Anami Vice releases his new music video for his next single, “Make Me Wanna Drink”. The video, featuring many of his friends including Kevvy Mental of Fake Shark Real Zombie and Rachel Ashmore of ByStarlight, are in a bar having a good time, just goofing around and singing karaoke.

Along with the video release, Anami has released “Make Me Wanna Drink” as a single with an extra song called “Nowhere” available as well. Both can be purchased on iTunes here

“Nowhere” is just as catchy as the rest of Anami’s songs, except being about partying, it’s more suitable to my lifestyle -meaning staying at home and not leaving because you’re too comfortable. This is definitely one of my new favourite songs.

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