Friday Playlist – Our Favourite Videos

This week, we decided to try something a bit different with our Friday Playlist. We each chose our favourite video and told you a bit of an explanation why. If you haven’t watched these videos, now’s your chance.

Jeanette’s Pick

Simple Plan : This song saved my life

Why is it my favorite ? Because it simply shows how much music can be so powerful for people who need help. Not only the song is meaninful, but the video also bring something amazing. A lot of those fans in it probably have struggles but they hang on because music help them.

Amanda’s Pick

Marianas Trench : By Now

My favourite video has to be for “By Now” by Marianas Trench. First, because it’s one of my favourite songs off of Ever After. And second, it ties all of the other singles and videos together. It shows you how everything was just in Josh’s head, that he imagines it all. He says in the voice overs that “when your mind sees something that your heart can’t explain, you make up a new history, one with the fairy tale ending that you deserve”. To me it just tied the whole album together and made it have a deeper meaning.

Yanna’s Pick

Yanna also picked “Beside You” by Marianas Trench as her favourite video. My favourite music video is Beside You by Marianas Trench. It’s one of my favourites because whenever I watch it, it reminds me that I’m never alone. The music and lyrics along with the well-done cinematography never fail to make me smile. This video will always give me a sense of safety and will always be one of my favourites.

Tara’s Pick

Brighter Brightest : Right For Me

I never get tired of listening to Brighter Brightest, or watching this video. The baby versions of the guys are precious. The graphic designer in me has a soft spot for the change from baby Alex painting to the end clip of the present Alex screen printing a Right For Me poster. Everyone looks like they’re having a lot of fun doing what they love to do and that makes it that much better of a video.

Emily’s Pick

Hedley : Gunnin’

When this video first came out I remember watching it over and over again. I used to watch that video multiple times everyday. It’s one my favorite songs by Hedley aswell.

Jenna’s Pick

Hedley : Invincible

This song is so inspirational and the video follows suit. It’s one of my favorite Hedley videos, as well as one of my favorites in general. The video is so full of energy and makes you feel like you can do anything.

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