Tuned In Tuesday – Chris Gildart

Tuned In Tuesday - Chris Gildart

By: Amanda Hather

This week’s Tuned In Tuesday is brought to you by Prince Edward Island musician, Chris Gildart. You may remember us talking about his EP ‘Love Is A Demon…’ a few months ago. He recently put two new songs on his Bandcamp which are available for download. The first song is “Love Your Sins”, which is available here http://chrisgildart.bandcamp.com/track/love-your-sins. It’s an acoustic song, much like some of the songs off of ‘Love Is A Demon…’.

The second song he has released is called “Forest Stroll”. It’s an instrumental song and will not be put on any album or EP that Chris releases, but it is definitely worth a listen to. It is available here http://chrisgildart.bandcamp.com/releases.

His EP is also available on his Bandcamp, which I recommend you go check out if you haven’t yet. Also be sure to keep up what he is doing musically but following him on all of his social media sites:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JustAnotherAcousticMusician
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Chris_Gildart
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/sytothe/videos or http://www.youtube.com/user/DemonDiaries/videos.

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