Review – Kiss of the King

By: Jenna Melanson

EP – The Dawn of Sacrifice
iTunes Link –
Release Date – August 12, 2013
Genre – Metal/ Rock/ Punk
Label – Unsigned

Kiss of the King is a punk/ metal band from Vancouver featuring Brooklyn Chase (Vocals, Guitar), Justin Sarris (Guitar) and Robbie Sheldrick (Drums).

The band released their debut EP, “The Dawn of Sacrifice” on August 12, 2013 and I can see why they are so proud of it. The EP features 6 songs, each of which are a unique mixture of punk, metal and rock. Brooklyn puts everything he is into the vocals, and you can tell. He holds nothing back. Justin matches Brooklyn’s enthusium when playing guitar, making each song full of emotion and keeps you listening.

Two songs really stood out to me, the first being the third track which is entitled “In This Life”, the song features a harder rock/ metal sound, but for me, it’s the lyrics that struck me. There is so much emotion behind this song and Brooklyn’s vocals evoke that perfectly. With lyrics such as “Don’t you ever leave, don’t you ever run away from what you’re scared, you are the life that I need to write this song, so just hold on”, you can tell it’s a song fully packed with meaning.

The second song that I want to touch on is the fifth song, “H.O.P.E (Hold On Pain Ends) which is more of a pop punk sound, which shows that they can’t be boxed into one genre, they touch on many genres in the course of this EP. I can see that this song would be helpful to people who are going through hard times in their life, the lyrics state, “I know you feel alone, but never on your own, take me by the hand and I will guide you home.”

All in all, this EP is full of meaningful and emotional songs that many of us can easily connect with. On top of that, the band succeeds to mixing many different genres and making it work. Keep an eye out for more from Kiss of the King, and if you haven’t heard the EP, I highly recommend it.

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