Interview – Tattered

By: Jenna Melanson

Tattered is a hard rock band from Alberta. The band features the vocals of Brad Rempel, Jeremy Balogh on Bass, Clayton Braun on Drums, Tim Daigle on Lead Guitar and Ben Braun on Rhythm Guitar/ Backing Vocals.

Tattered signed a record deal with BlackStream Records/ the Universal Music Group. Currently , they are in studio recording a new disc. Their new music is set to release mid 2013!

I’ve been given the opportunity to do an email interview with Brad.

How did you choose the name, Tattered?

BR: My little brother Tyler came back from a trip to Germany before he decided to move there. Tyler being a photographer we were looking through his pics from the trip. He had a pic of a moth on a chain link fence that obviously could not fly due to its ripped up wings. I was currently looking for a name for my new project. When I saw the moth my response was “That moth is Tattered”

That moth is the same moth on our EP and Shirts

What is the story behind Tattered? How did you all meet?

BR: I had just quit a band I was asked to sing for due to creative differences. I knew a  guitarist named Luke so I gave him a call. Clayton (drummer) had moved next door to me, went over to his place during a party, saw a kit downstairs, realized it was his and pulled him on. He knew Graham through his circle of friends. Tattered is born!

2 weeks after releasing our EP our current lead guitarist Luke left the band but introduced me to current lead player Tim. Knowing I wanted to focus on vocals I pulled Ben into the band (who I had been eyeing up for a while) Knowing graham was leaving for university we put on a search and stole Jeremy

Out of the songs that are currently released, what is your favorite to perform?

BR: Lies and Secret are my 2 current fav that we have released. All the lyrics come from my life, I have a very strong emotional tie to my music

What is the main influence involved in your song writing?

BR: My life, what you read in the lyrics is me. I could try to write for weeks, but they always come in one sitting when I write alone. Usually after extreme frustration, anger, disappointment in myself and those close to me.

Who would you say is your biggest musical influences?

BR: Asking Alexandria I personally love. Danny is one killer singer. As well as Chris from AudioSlave.

If you were able to pick someone to tour with, who would your first choice be?

BR: Well it looks like we are going on tour very quickly so ill tell ya soon. Because its gonna be a dream tour

What can you tell us about your upcoming album?

BR: You are going to witness Tattered at its best. We have been perfecting our sound and grove as a band. This new album will be unlike any rock/metal you have heard. All the members of Tattered are coming from many different places of musical influence that its unlike anything else in the rock/metal genre

If you were to explain your sound in one word, what word would you choose?

BR: Intense

What is your current go-to song? (Not your own)

BR: Moving On by Asking Alexandria off their new album From Death to Destiny

What was the first concert you ever attended?

BR: hmmm….good question. First attended was Def Leppard but I was 14. My first live show I played  was when I was 13 in a band called All Six Cylinders…so that was my first

Now for some quick questions, with quick answers!

Favorite TV show?

BR: South Park

Favorite Ice Cream?

BR: Bubblegum

Favorite Chocolate bar?

BR: Oh Henry

Favorite Social media site?

BR: …social media is work for us musicians that want to advance our career.  So my favorite to use to reach out is Twitter

Favorite Disney movie?

BR: Dam……I always had a crush on Jasmine when I was little…so Aladdin

Favorite video game?

BR: Resident Evil

Now last but not least, what would you like to say to your fans?

BR: We love you guys!  Your support had been awesome and is growing everyday. Keep sharing us and you will see us soon!


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