Friday Playlist – Inspirational Songs

Friday Playlist - Inspirational Songs

This Friday we chose songs that Inspire us, or songs that helped us through a tough time in our life. We’d love to hear what songs have helped or inspired you (by Canadian artists, of course), tweet @canadianbeats1 and let us know! πŸ™‚

Here are our picks!

Jenna’s Picks

One Life – Hedley
Tinman – Andy Brown
Soul Flies High – Dylan Murray

Yanna’s Picks

Skin and Bones – Marianas Trench
Somebody To Someone – Halfway To Hollywood
Saviour – Lights

Amanda’s Picks

Anything -Hedley
Life Is Waiting – Faber Drive
One In A Million – Down With Webster

Emily’s Picks

All about you-Classified
Too Little Too Late- Faber Drive
One Step Away-Kayo

Jeanette’s Picks

This Song Saved My Life – Simple Plan
Stay The Same – Fighting for Ithaca
Fix Me – Marianas Trench

Tara’s Picks

Innocent – Our Lady Peace
Push past – Brighter Brightest
The cure is knowledge – Mugshot

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