Joel Cossette releases solo single

By: Tara Thompson

In December of 2010, I gained a follower on Twitter and it was a band from Saskatoon called Prom Night In Black And White. Shortly after I bought all of their songs on iTunes without ever hearing anything by them. I ended up really liking them. Less then a year after that, they announced that they were breaking up which was a big disappointment for me. Luckily enough, Joel decided to keep pursuing music with a new band called High Hopes. I was always seeing posts on their Facebook about how much their music helped people and I could tell how passionate Joel was about this new project. Unfortunately they went their separate ways earlier this year.

Last night, Joel posted his first single as a solo artist called Fuck You Loneliness. I don’t think anyone realizes how happy I really am that he’s still making music and that he didn’t just give up on music after High Hopes.

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