Video released for Anything by Hedley

By: Jenna Melanson

If you’ve been a fan of Hedley for a long time, you remember their crazy days, back when they released “Try This At Home”, which was their “Jack-ass” like DVD.

We have all saw how much the band and the members have grown over the years, but I bet everyone is going to admit that they missed the craziness, at least a little bit. Well guess what, the craziness has returned, a bit, in the Anything video.

You see the band in ridiculous circumstances and you can see how much they had filming this video. I love the more serious side that the band shows lately, but I will always love the insanely crazy antics that they can come up with.

Enjoy the video, and don’t forget, they have also announced that they will be doing more fan challenges leading up to the release of their album, Wild Life. So if you are not an ambassador yet, or even if you are, check out this video:

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