The Wait Is Over

The Wait Is Over

By: Jenna Melanson

Fans of Hedley, and Faber Drive are having a great day today, because singles were released by both bands.

Hedley released their first single from their upcoming album, Wild Life. The single is called “Anything”. Once again, Hedley has shown their growth and that they are always experimenting with sounds and trying new things. That is one of the reasons I am a huge fan of the band.

The song also has a motivational side to it, which I think is great. With lyrics like “Be a movie, or rock the main stage, an xbox tester or an astronaut in space, if they tell you that you can’t, you can shove it in their face”, and continue to say “I can, I can, I can, so”.

This song has be over the moon with excitment to hear the rest of the upcoming album.

Now, Faber Drive has also released a single today. The single is “Too Little Too Late”, from their latest album, Lost In Paradise. It’s their 3rd single from the album, and the fans (including myself) were incredibly excited to hear it. Why don’t they just listen to it on the album, you may ask? Well because it’s got an added bonus now that it’s been released as a single. Pierre Bouvier from Simple Plan is actually featured on the single.

I have been a fan of “Too Little Too Late” from the first time I heard it on the album, but I must say Pierre brings a little something extra to the song. And plus, you gotta love it when amazing Canadian bands/ artists work together!

You can get them both on iTunes now, so if you haven’t already, go do that!

Anything – Hedley –

Too Little Too Late – Faber Drive feat Pierre Bouvier –

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