You Help Me See The Light – The Autumn Portrait

By: Amanda Hather

Song: You Help Me See The Light
Artist: The Autumn Portrait
iTunes Link:
Release Date: August 6th, 2013
Genre: Acoustic/Folk
Label: Independent

Toronto band, The Autumn Portrait, which consists of Freddie Mojallal on vocals and guitar, plus Ryan MacDonald on percussion and backup vocals, and Neil Cameron on violin for live shows, is an acoustic/folk act that has had two music videos featured on CMT Canada and has performed at many Canadian festivals such as Canadian Music Week, NXNE, Indieweek, and have even opened up for The Trews.

This latest video for “You Help Me See The Light” shows a group of people in a seemingly good mood, matching the positivity of the song. With lyrics like “My friend, ya she makes, me happy on my saddest days, when I can’t stand this place, she’s all I need” expose the vulnerability of Freddie’s songwriting, showing the audience emotion that many artist’s keep concealed.

This song’s happy go lucky whistling and acoustic guitar will help brighten up your day, no matter your mood. If you wish to find out more about The Autumn Portrait, you can keep an eye on his websites:


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