Something You Whisper – Who I’ve Become

By: Jenna Melanson

Something You Whisper is a post-hardcore band from Cambridge, Ontario. The band consists of Wes Will (Vocals), Tom McArthur (Drums), Kyle Adshade (Guitar, Vocals), Austin Palladini (Guitar, Vocals) and Brian Shepherd (Bass, Vocals).

The band has been making a name for themselves and in early 2013 they traveled to Detroit to with Brent Allen and Devin Oliver of I See Stars. While there, they honed their song writing skills, which can be experienced on their newest single “Who I’ve Become” which was mastered by Joey Sturgis and recorded by Doug Meadows.

Previously, the band recorded their “Nostalgia” EP with Jordan Valeriote, the producer at Sundown Studios, who has recorded bands such as Silverstein, Structures, and Dead and Divine. In February, 2013 the band Re-Issued “Nostalgia” including 2 songs previously unavailable and a new track “20/20 in the 3rd.”

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