Down With Webster releases new single, Party For Your Life

Down With Webster releases new single, Party For Your Life

By: Amanda Hather

Song: Party For Your Life
Artist: Down With Webster
iTunes Link:
Release Date: August 13th, 2013
Genre: Pop
Label: DWW Entertainment

Down With Webster has released their latest singled called “Party For Your Life”. Following suit of the upbeat “One In A Million”, this song is yet another one of their songs that will ensure you dance up a storm.

The song has fist pumping beats along with vocals from lead singer Pat, as well as verses from rappers Bucky and Cam. This song shows the sheer amount of talent this Toronto band has to combine so many different types of music in a way that will have everyone moving along with the music, in clubs or live shows.

Their latest release does not disappoint. Down With Webster is heading out on an American tour starting in September. All information is available through their Facebook page. They are also working on their next album, and to be sure that you know when anything they do is released, check out their sites:

YouTube: or

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