Review – Neon Dreams

By: Emily Thomson

Neon Dreams are a 4 piece Dance/Electronic group from Halifax, NS. You might them from their previous band Hello, Click. Neon Dreams was a secret project until August 5th when they announced they were playing a show and released a song called “Impossible”.  On Monday August 5th the band played their first show at Lake Banook for Dartmouth’s Natal Day celebrations.

Neon Dreams took the stage for the first time around 7:35. They opened their first set with their song “Impossible”. Although nobody knew all the words to the song you could tell people we’re enjoying it. By their last song of their first set they had everyone in their chairs dancing and fist pumping.

Neon Dreams took the stage again at 9:30 to close the show. They started the second set with “Impossible”. This time the standing area in front of the stage was full of people jumping around and enjoying themselves. When “Impossible” finished they brought up a special guest for the next two songs.

Halifax rapper, Kayo Guevarra joined them on stage to perform Kayo’s song “One Night”. Next they played their collaboration with Kayo, “Saviour”.

Partway through their final song the fireworks started going off to the side of the stage. During their final song they had everyone cheering for their city and province. After they finished their final song the crowd began cheering for them to have an encore. Unfortunately they weren’t allowed to have the encore everyone wanted.

Check out their new song “Impossible”:







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