New Single by Street Pharmacy – Waterslide

By: Jenna Melanson

Ontario reggae-rock band, Street Pharmacy is releasing their new single, “Waterslide” tomorrow. The single features two other great Canadian bands, IllScarlett and Trouble & Daughter. The single will be released on iTunes tomorrow, but you can buy it now on their bandcamp:

“Waterslide” marks the return of the bands reggae-rock sound, and if it is any indication of what to expect on their upcoming LP, I’m stoked.

Their unique reggae-rock sound and the strong vocals of Ryan Guay (Vocals/ Guitar Bass), along with the combined skill of the rest of the band, Jesse Robitalle (Bass/ Guitar/ Vocals) and Dan Fretz (Drums) makes up the killer trio. I’m sure you’ll be hearing lots more from these guys in the not too distant future!

With three incredible musicians producing the track together, you can’t go wrong. Ryan Guay, along with Will Marr (Guitarist of IllScarlett) and John Doherty (Vocals of Trouble & Daughter) co-produced “Waterslide” together. On top of that, Will Marr played guitar, organ and synth on the track, while John Doherty is featured as the co-lead vocalist, DJ, acoustic guitarist, and percussionist, along with Ryan Guay, who took on lead vocals, Bass, Acoustic Guitar and Organs. I’d say that makes up a very talented bunch of men!

You can download their latest EP, entitled Alimony on itunes:

Keep an eye out on Canadian Beats for an upcoming review of the EP, as well as an interview with the band!

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