By Now – Marianas Trench

By: Amanda Hather

Song: By Now
Artist: Marianas Trench
iTunes Link:
Release Date: August 1st, 2013
Genre: Pop
Label: 604 Records

Finally, the last video off of platinum selling album, ‘Ever After’, has been released. “By Now” was the epic finale of the story of Ever After, tying all of the videos for “Haven’t Had Enough”, “Desperate Measures”, and “Stutter” together.

Many theories have been shared on social media about the meaning of the video. Whether it is simply a dramatic end to the story that went along with the album, or a metaphor for Josh’s struggle with addiction, it is really open to interpretation. Whatever you choose to believe the video and song means, I’m sure we can all agree that it is one of, if not the best, video the guys have made to date.

The video portrays Josh getting caught up in his love for the leading female, Darla Taylor (who played Queen Carolina in the other videos for ‘Ever After’), and getting lost in the world of sex, drugs, and alcohol, and stealing money from the rest of the band. The video is full of action packed scenes of car chases, fighting, and murder.

If you haven’t seen the latest video from the Vancouver band, be sure to check it out and see the ending of the ‘Ever After’ saga for yourself.


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