Review – Infinite

By: Emily Thomson

Song: Let’s Be Friends by Infinite
iTunes link:
Release Date: May 3rd 2013
Genre: Hip Hop/Rap
Label: unsigned

You might recognize Infinite as a member of the 2 piece Hip Hop group Ghetto Concept.Infinite is also known as Desmond Francis. Desmond Francis is from Rexadale, in West Toronto. Desmond recently decided to start his solo career under the name Infinite.

Infinite recently released his single “Lets be Friends”. The single is well written and has a different sound then most hip hop/rap songs.

The lyrics are very romantic and meaningful. As he says in the song “I’ve never wrote like this before but there’s a first time for everything” for his first time writing this type of song, it’s very good.

This single is a lot different then his previous. It’s awesome to see a Canadian rapper be able to change the type of songs and still have it be a really good song. The chorus of the song is very catchy, and the song really stands out; Infinite used a lot of words a typical rapper wouldn’t use in a song.

The female vocals on this song are very catchy also. She has a very strong and beautiful voice. Her voice blends well with Infinite’s rapping, making it the perfect combination of vocals .

Rate: 4.5/5

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