Friday Playlist – LOVE songs!

Friday Playlist - LOVE songs!

Summer is often known as the season of love, a lot of weddings take place in the summer months, so we decided to feature love songs on this Friday Playlist.

Each of the writers chose 3-4 of their favourite love songs, from Canadian artists! Enjoy!

Amanda’s Picks:

Beside You – Marianas Trench
Guitar String/ Wedding Ring – Carly Rae Jepsen
By Your Side – Faber Drive
Goodbye Addict – Matt Webb

Jenna’s Picks:

Shelter – Hedley
Unbelievable – Halfway to Hollywood
That Much More To Me – The Faceplants
Ashes – Andy Brown

Tara’s Picks:

Travelling Heart – Take Me To The Pilot
Love Can You Find Us – Andrew Hyatt
Kiss – Brighter Brightest

Jeanette’s Picks:

Far Away – Nickelback
When I’m With You – Faber Drive
Good To You – Marianas Trench
Perfect – Hedley

Warren’s Picks:

I Would Die Before You – Repartee
Waiting So Long – Chris Kirby
Through and Through and Through – Joel Plaskett
Siberia – Lights

Yanna’s Picks:

I Won’t Let You Go (Darling) – Hedley
Unbelievable – Halfway to Hollywood
Loving You Tonight – Andrew Allen
11:11 – ByStarlight

Feel free to leave a comment with the songs you would choose!

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