We all scream for Ice Cream


With the warmer weather on it’s way, I thought I’d ask some of our favorite Canadian bands/ artists something we all want to know! Yes, that’s right! I asked them what their favorite ice cream flavors are! And I got a great collection of responses!

Above you see two members from the band, Higher and Higher in front of an ice cream truck. When asked what flavor ice cream guitarist, Riley Witiw prefers, he answered with “Smarties Ice Cream”. I’d say that’s an excellent choice.


I also asked Truro rocker, Rock Johnson and he was quick to respond with “Black Raspberry Cheesecake”. The picture above shows him enjoying a delicious ice cream! Thanks for the photo Rock.

Now, I also asked some of your favorite band members from Hedley, Fighting for Ithaca, Faber Drive and Halfway to Hollywood, check out their responses here:

Tommy Mac (Hedley bassist) – Anything Chocolate

Curtis (Fighting for Ithaca Lead Singer) & Phil (Fighting for Ithaca Drummer) both said Chocolate Chip Mint.

Seamus (Drummer from Faber Drive) chose Bubblegum!

Grant (Lead Singer from Halfway to Hollywood) chose Tiger. While Brendan (Bassist from Halfway to Hollywood) sided with Seamus and said Bubblegum.

Are you a Rocketrocketship fan? If so, here are their choices:

Dave (Bassist) Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Paul (Guitarist) Peanut Butter Fudge Crunch

Tyrone (Lead Singer) Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Matt (Guitarist) Utterly Devine

Jeremy (Drummer) Heavenly Hash!

Who else did I ask? Well how about Daniel Wesley? He answered with “Chocolate Chip Mint”, and Suzie McNeil responded with Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked (Or Gold Medal Ribbon from Baskin Robbins).

Andy Brown’s favorite is Cotton Candy. I would have to completely agree with him, well that and Moon Mist.  Dan (Lead Singer from Little Black Dress) says “Anything without nuts! I’m allergic! Gold Medal Ribbon, Mint Chocolate Chip, Half Baked! And last but not least, Jesse Labelle answered in my opinion the best way, he said “All Ice cream, Always”.

Hope you enjoyed finding out some of your favorite artists flavors of choice!

-Jenna Melanson- Canadian Beats

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