Review of Festival d’Été de Québec

Every year, this festival brings a bunch of legend of music on their stages. This year, we had the chance to have Guns N’ Roses, Skillet, Def Leppard and so much more.

Having the chance to drive to Québec to see this festival was a great experience. Their was 10 days of concerts but I was only there for the last days.

I had the chance to see 3 Canadian bands: Final State, Down with Webster and Marianas Trench.

Final State
Final State is a band from Québec. They had the chance to perform on the same stage as Down with Webster and Marianas Trench. The pop rock band recently went all way down to Africa to shoot their last music video: Dreaming out loud. They played some of their hit songs such as: Make up your mind, Impossible and of course, Dreaming out loud.
It was my first time seeing them and I was quite impressed. They know how to make a crowd fall in love with them.


Down with Webster
Once again, the Ontario band gave an incredible performance. The 6 young men have energy on stage like I’ve never seen before. They surely know how to get crazy. They played their popular songs such as Time to win, Rich girls, Your man and their latest single One in a million. We can all agree that it wouldn’t have been the same without those guys to rock the stage.


Marianas Trench
Marianas Trench started the show with the song called Ever After. Everyone who saw them live knows how great they are on stage. Playing their biggest hits (Cross My Heart, All To Myself, Stutter), Marianas Trench surely conquered the hearts of the thousands of people who were there. It was their second time playing in Québec, but the first time they only played for around 12 people. Let me tell you, it was a lot better and bigger than 7 years ago. They wrapped up the show with playing the last song of their last album: No place like home.
It was my fourth time seeing them and I can tell you that I still Haven’t had enough.


-Jeannette Thibodeau- Canadian Beats

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