Tuned In Tuesday – Courage My Love – You Don’t Know How

By: Amanda Hather

For this Tuned In Tuesday, I chose a video of a band that I recently saw live. “You Don’t Know How” by Courage My Love is their latest music video and portrays the band performing the song, but with ropes tied around them. With lyrics like “hold me, control me”, the video shows the band essentially as puppets. Throughout the video, the band frees themselves from the ropes, matching the lyrics “find out I’m strong enough on my own”.

Besides “Skin and Bone”, this is one of my favourite songs by the band and I was very glad when I was able to hear this live.

Be sure to watch the video for “You Don’t Know How”, as well as check out their websites:

YouTube – http://www.youtube.com/user/ilovecouragemylove?feature=watch

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/ilovecouragemylove?fref=ts

Twitter – https://twitter.com/couragemylove


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