Mellomanic Review

By: Jenna Melanson

Mellomanic is a rock/ folk/ reggae band from Vancouver. The band consists of Josh Larsson on Lead vocals, Megan Chilibeck on Lead Vocals, Ryan Krumins on Guitar/ Piano / Vocals, Clark Buchanan on Bass, Sam Buckle on Drums and Adam Gordon on Guitar.

Yes, you noticed right, they have two lead singers and a lot of multi part harmonies.

Josh, Clark and Ryan used to be part of The Stone Pines ( They were together for 2 1/2 years and broke up last September.

The members of the band are all good friends. Ryan, Josh & Sam have been playing music and writing together for the last ten years under various band names.

The band is not currently recording but will be releasing videos throughout the summer, and plan to record an EP this Fall/ Winter. A website will be built in the coming months, as well.

They have released a song, Send Me Down The River, on their soundcloud page, you can hear it here:

The song is beautiful. It is refreshing to hear the vocals, they all seem to go together perfectly. It starts off low and grows in strength through the song. The band has amazing multi part harmonies that will attract you to the song.

Mellomanic knows what they are doing, and are enjoying it. Keep an eye out for more from them on their social media pages:

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